In some circumstances productions take place in remote locations with little to know cellular service or access to Wi-Fi. This problem can be resolved with the quick deployment of portable signal amplification services.

These signal amplification services can take 4G signal from the closest Cell Tower and amplify its frequency toward set and/or video village. Keep your production connected even in the most remote locations.



Included with this service is a 4G Verizon Hotspot, yagi antenna, panel antenna, signal amplifier, solar panel, deep-cell battery backup, led-work light, portable tripod stand, and gas generator.


As part of the resource inventories list during the scout and scan of the property an RF frequency scan is performed of any properties within the Film Location Guide. However, if you are a production that did not select a property through the guide the half-day rate of the RF Operator ($362.50) for early-arrival and rental of additional equipment that may be necessary for successful signal retrieval and delivery.


To achieve the optimal signal strength equipment needs to be positioned and directed as well as calibrated and adjusted, through the use of RF sensitive instruments such as an oscilloscope. With these tools and equipment a 1 bar signal can be amplified by 100 times it’s original strength to provide access to up to 20 devices simultaneously.

This equipment does not need to be licensed. If you are in need of additional bandwidth it will be necessary to have advanced notice to locate the correct equipment and file for the proper permissions through the FCC.