Web Development & Design

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By utilizing my degree, in Web Development & Digital Media from Johnson County Community College, I lead a team of web developers to create websites for individual clients and new/existing businesses of any size and scale.

CMS Web Development:

The primary service I offer is the development of CMS websites. This service is intended for individuals and small – medium sized businesses that are looking for a simple solution to establish or enhance an online presence. This service is broken into seven (7) steps, and they are as follows:

  1. Research & Wireframes:
    • Similar to the construction of a building it’s always a good idea to form a plan including blueprints for how a site is supposed to appear and function. This process includes structuring the information and images of each page into a wireframe (blue print) so that this can help with understanding the scope of the project.

  2. High-Fidelity Mock-Up’s:
    • Once the wireframes are laid-out this begins the content development process which includes determining the information architecture, establishing site color palettes, and identifying site image and video requirements.

  3. Digital Asset Production & Preliminary Site Development:
    • After all of the project components are finalized and the 50% down-payment is received this initiates the production & development of text copy, images, interfaces, and videos.

  4. First Draft & Revisions:
    • Once all of the digital assets have been approved by the production team, development team, and client the contents are then placed on the site and delivered to the client for approval.

  5. Second Draft & Revisions:
    • After the first draft has been reviewed the client approve or request alterations to the site, the development team will then make the required changes and then return the deliverable for the second of three approval processes.

  6. Third Draft & Revisions:
    • After the second deliverable is reviewed, the client has a third and final opportunity to request alterations to the site before it’s final delivery. At which point the development team will make these revisions and final checks for delivery of the finished product.

  7. Final Draft:
    • After all alterations have been made this finalizes the expected requirements of the sites development, at which point the login information and pass codes are adjusted for the clients needs and the product is considered complete. If the client wishes to make additional alterations this is then considered an al la carte addition after payment is received for works completed.

Site Management:

It is available at anytime to request site management be performed by my team and I. However, the prices are determined on an hourly basis and have a minimum expectation of 40 hours per week for any site management.

Minimum Cost Expectation:

The minimum cost expectation for any project performed by myself or team is $5,000.