Resource Inventories

During the pre-production process it’s essential that the head of each department inspects each potential film locations. Producers, Directors, Directors of Photography, Assistant Directors, Art Directors, Gaffers, Key Grips, Production Managers, and Production Coordinators are some of the mainy people who’ll attend a location scout and/or tech scout before a shoot.

During a scout 100’s of factors are taken into account before locking-down a location. Therefore, to make this process more cost effective for today’s productions budgets technology is used to allow virtual walkthroughs of homes and businesses prior to an entire crew traveling out to the location(s). These virtual walkthroughs not only allow essential creative personnel the opportunity to experience locations before arriving but the resource inventories of the location(s) also allow other crew members the ability to see the available parking, exterior appearance, sun path/direction, number of entry points the to building, elevators/stairs, maximum capacity, outlets, light switches, impulse responses, and room-tone.

Inventory Types

  • Exterior of Building

    • By combining the power of Google Earth, Google Maps, and Aerial Drone Photography clients will be able to view a locations topographically and aerially to get an understanding of the exterior appearance, available parking, entryways to the building, and general sun-path and direction.
  • Interior of Building

    • By using a combination of various A/V technologies including a 3D location scanner, DSLR video footage/still images, and audio recordings of the rooms (with additional methods). The client will be able to walk-through a location and not only see but head how a room is, which the audio can also be purchased for post-production purposes. In addition, crew members can see what tools and equipment may be necessary to better improve their performance on the day of the shoot.
    • For many departments being able to understand where light-switches and outlets are located, including breaker boxes can save a lot of time on the day of the production. So included in part of the inventory are locations of each.

In some situations a resource inventory can save a production money on supplies and other essentials. A simple discovery of tables and chairs can help to reduce expenses marginally. Therefore, as part of this service the entire property is scaled to save time and money.