Production Management

Without organization and leadership a mission fails. The vital role of a the production department is to ensure a project reaches completion under-budget and within the allotted time. I have experience wearing many hats in the business and neither my pride nor experience refute an employment opportunity for myself or a skilled professional. If you employ my services expect premium execution of tasks no matter which role or position I play.

I specialize in broadcast commercial film production and I have experience in countless projects. My unparalleled service can effectively improve the chances of success while minimizing risk by protecting assets, equipment,  personnel through strategic logistical considerations.

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Bring the project to life.

If you are interested in grass-root development and strategic marketing, I can help bring your idea to life from concept to completion. Getting started begins with a consultation. Let’s talk about your idea and budget, to get the ball rolling on your next production.

Production Manager

Come in under budget.

Many production companies waste the clients time and money because of poor planning and unsustainable business practices. Because of this the client can sometimes pay more than expected and receive less than they anticipated. It is my goal when in the role of Production Manager to bring the project together on time, with true professionals who are passionate about what they are do.

Production Coordinator

Lighten the workload.

Mistakes can cost a production thousands of dollars. While a Production Manager is capable of completing tasks, it is sometimes useful to have help from someone who has a comprehensive knowledge of what the job demands. Similar to having an extra set of hands, I have the tools and experience necessary to help your production reach completion.

I believes in investing in the correct tools necessary for the job, this includes the use of hardware and software that improves communication while protecting vital information about the project. Therefore the icons below indicate Aaron’s preferred applications.




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