Film Location Guide

Have you ever considered using your home or business for a film production?

Now you can!

Only 100 homes/businesses will be selected.

Earn $300 plus 37 cents per square-foot used for the production, in the event your property is selected.
All productions are required to supply a Certificate of Insurance for any chosen property.
This pricing system is not intended for real-estate sales.


Inspection Process

To reduce listing similarities, homes/businesses will be picked based on unique features and characteristics. Logistical considerations regarding accessibility, safety concerns, energy requirements, available parking, geographical location, and home condition.

Inspection Fee: $25.00

This service includes a location examination to ensure the property is up to the specifications of the Film Location Guides requirements. If any red-flags are found during the inspection, the issues must be resolved prior to the buildings online indexing or the home will not be selected, and the $25.00 one-time inspection fee will not be refunded.

To Apply for an Inspection



Listing Process


When your home passes inspection and meets the requirements of the of the Film Location Guide, the next steps are vitally important to improving the selection of your home/business in the listing. It’s necessary to:

  1. Verify of inspection fee payment
  2. Signed location agreement/release form(s).
  3. Accept and verify of listing fee payment.
  4. Property will be made showroom-ready. (prep-fee may apply).
  5. 3D Infrared Scan/Photograph entire premises.
  6. Exterior Drone photos/video of property.
  7. Interior/Exterior 4K DSLR photos/video recording of property.
  8. Resource Inventories of each room.
  9. Room-tone audio recording.
  10. Room Impulse Response


How to prepare your house for listing?

  1. Remove any materials that indicate the geographical location of your property such as: paperwork, bills, mail, magazines, etc.
  2. Place all valuable electronics, weapons, and jewelry in hidden and secured areas.
  3. Clean-up and remove all trash and debris. Do not leave garbage in open areas.
  4. Unlock and open all the doors. (if incomplete prep-fee may applies)
  5. Turn on all the lights in the house. Cameras need light.



Return on Investment

If you’re considering becoming a member of the Film Location Guide family you should note that this investment lists you among one-hundred other locations in the Kansas City area. If your property is passes the inspection process and becomes listed, the potential ROI can range between $500.00 – $3,000.00 (depending on the square-footage agreement) for each production. The total of any film production booking includes a commision fee of 13%. In addition, rest assured knowing that every production is insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability coverage for any potential property/equipment damage or personal injuries while on the premise.



Unless purchased, the digital collections listed above will not be included as part of the $75.00 fee. Additional purchase options are a la carte. Package discounts can be negotiated with the purchase of a 3D Tour.

A La Carte Purchasing Options (20% discount after 1 year):

Access to 3D Tours and Virtual Reality Tours
  • $100.00 per location + $0.10 per sqft (< 10,000 sqft)
  • $100.00 per location + $0.09 per sqft (< 100,000 sqft) 10% savings
  • $100.00 per location + $0.08 per sqft (< 500,000 sqft) 20% savings
  • $100.00 per location + $0.07 per sqft (< 1,000,000 sqft) 30% savings
Tagging & Optimization
  • $15.00 per 20 tags & links ($0.75 cents per tag after 20).
360° Photos (JPEGs in 4096 x 2048 pixels)
  • $15.00 per room (five rooms minimum)
    • Standard 1-2 day delivery (Free)
Floor Plans
  • $50.00 per property (Black & White Print)
Mesh Files
  • $300.00 per location
    • OBJ, JPG, PDF Files
    • Compatible with third-party programs (3ds maxReCapRevit, or AutoCAD)3D data is accurate to within 1% of reality
HD Room-Tone Audio Recordings
  • $50.00 per room
Impulse Response Recording
  • $50.00 per room