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Standing Ovation – Charles Lutz

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Charles Lutz is my in-house Sound Engineer. His passion for music and his Bachelors of Science in Recording Arts makes him perfect for the job. His experience is obvious when you visit his most recent album Imagining Things which was released at the start of 2019. His he capable of the following services


Arranging, processing and enhancing multitrack sessions into a deliverable final product.


Polishing and refining a pre-existing mix to be as balanced and sonically pleasing as possible.

Session Recording

A from-scratch recording session, taking an artist’s vision and bringing it to reality through a wide variety of recording and sequencing techniques.

Over Dubbing

Adding and blending additional instrumentation, vocal or sound design elements into an
already existing mix.


Custom musical composition for film, video games or other media.

Sound Design

Custom sound design elements for video games, film, applications etc.


An often overlooked, but vital part of film sound. Foley recreates or enhances sounds that were not picked up in on-set production audio.


ADR, (Automated Dialog Replacement) is a process dedicated to replacing dialog that was lost, inaudible or poorly recorded on set.

Dialog Editing

Dialog editing is the process of cleaning up dialog tracks to be used in many forms of media like podcasting, film or music. This process uses a variety of techniques to make vocal tracks sound as balanced and clean as possible.

Vocal Tuning/Pocketing

Vocal tuning uses tools like Celemony’s, “Melodyne” and Antares, “Autotune” to help vocal elements in music settle into the mix. Vocal pocketing is a term used to describe the process of nudging, stretching or compressing the timing of vocal performances to better fit a song’s timescale.