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Traditional film production is bulky, costly, and time consuming. Many production companies are working the same way they have since filmstock was the industry standard. Even though digital is dominating the market, the film industry underutilized the available resources.

It’s not uncommon for film production location-scouting to be an expensive and time consuming process. Mr. Monson provides a way to scout locations by offering affordable Virtual Walkthroughs in both 3D and in Virtual Reality.

It’s now possible to explore countless locations from the other side of the world.

Lockdown the location, craft your content around the locations unique features, and gain access to a library of content for each department and even use the available OBJ files in programs like After Effects.

Gain access to countless libraries of 3D content and double production speeds.

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The amount indicated above ($25.00) is to be paid up-front for-each location with a description of the type of locations you’re looking for. The team will search through 100 locations to find you the best picks according to the creative departments descriptions. At which point the locations will be packaged into an online folder which can be viewed by anyone with the link, for up to 7 days. There are additional products and services available but these options are purchased a la carte.

Access to 3D Tours and Virtual Reality Tours
  • $100.00 per location + $0.10 per sqft (< 10,000 sqft)
  • $100.00 per location + $0.09 per sqft (< 100,000 sqft) 10% savings
  • $100.00 per location + $0.08 per sqft (< 500,000 sqft) 20% savings
  • $100.00 per location + $0.07 per sqft (< 1,000,000 sqft) 30% savings
Tagging & Optimization
  • $15.00 per 20 tags & links ($0.75 cents per tag after 20).
360° Photos (JPEGs in 4096 x 2048 pixels)
  • $15.00 per room (five rooms minimum)
    • Standard 1-2 day delivery (Free)
Floor Plans
  • $50.00 per property (Black & White Print)
Mesh Files
  • $300.00 per location
    • OBJ, JPG, PDF Files
    • Compatible with third-party programs (3ds maxReCapRevit, or AutoCAD)3D data is accurate to within 1% of reality
HD Room-Tone Audio Recordings
  • $50.00 per room
Impulse Response Recording
  • $50.00 per room

If a location is selected from the Film Production Guide, it’s required that a trained and experienced Location Manager (and potentially a location assistant) selected and appointed for the production by Aaron J. Monson. Additional management fees may apply toward floor protection, wall protection, outdoor protection, and expendables.

Additional Products and Services

Floor Protection

All Installed Floor Protection $0.25 a sq ft (excluding weekly mat rental)

  •  Room Mat (4′ X 6′ Mat) – $6.00 (rental)
  •  Runner Mat (3’ x 10’ Mat) – $6.00 (rental)
  •  Jamb Guard (6′ Door Jamb Protector) – $5.00 (rental)
  •  Carpet Mask (Self-Adhesive Film (per ft)) – $2.25
  •  Finished Floor Guard (Self-Adhesive Padded Film (per ft)) – $3.25
  •  Tacky Mat (2′ x 3′ Sticky Entry Mat (30 sheets)) – $40.00

Wall Protection

  •  Corner Protector (4′ V-Board) – $2.50
  •  Corrugated Cardboard (4′ Cardboard (per ft)) – $0.40
  •  Bubble Wrap (4′ Roll (per ft)) – $0.80


  •  Shoe Booties (Water Resistant  Shoe Booties (100 pairs)) – $50.00
  •  Blue Painters Tape (2″ Roll) – $14.00
  •  Masking Tape (2″ Roll) – $6.00

Outdoor Protection

  •  UltraDeck (Portable Flooring (per sq. ft)) – $1.00 (rental)