Intro to Aaron

My name is Aaron J. Monson and I’m a Kansas based entrepreneur currently maintaining several technical and creative businesses that operate within complementary industries and markets. I thrive to deliver the highest quality products and services, by using advanced methods and modern technology.

It’s my goal to lead developing industries by improving cost effectiveness and client satisfaction. Also, I build and structure my teams by working alongside true industry professionals. I pride myself on being able to recognize talent and potential, and I’m willing to share knowledge freely without recourse.

“I work with clients who trust my judgement and I guarantee my work will perform to the client’s expectations.” – A.J.M.






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About Me


Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico I always been driven to make a difference. Being raised in an Irish Catholic family, my moral and ethical values help define my personality and what I aim to achieve. My private education lead to an accelerated learning curve which resulted in a nearly one and a half year early graduation from high school and helped to excel studies in college.



I relocated to Overland Park, Kansas in 2012 and pursued an education in Web Development and Digital Media. While attending Johnson County Community College I founded the “Web Club” and sat as President for the duration of my college career. Between classes I worked as the Marketing & Promotion Manager of the college “ECAV” online-radio station and I maintained a radio show, podcast, and daily vlog (2015-2017). In my spare time, I attended additional leadership development courses which I completed with honors.



Outside of school, I maintained a part-time position with Red Bull North America as an Event Logistics team-member for 5 years (from 2014 to 2019) and worked as the digital marketing coordinator for a local software company (Memberjets) for 2 years. In his spare time he conducted his own studies of networking and telecommunications technology which lead to the filing of a provisional patent application of a new invention called a “Cognitive Multiple Hop Mobile Ad Hoc Network.” Inevitably leading the the establishment of the Event IT company Crowd Atlas, LLC – Technology

In my third semester of college I founded my first business (Crowd Atlas, LLC – Digital Media) servicing film production companies and marketing agencies as a Film Production Assistant. Within the first year I expanded services to include Production Coordination and Production Management. Since 2016 I have worked on over 120 film commercial productions, and 57 film productions in 2018 alone.

With the rapid expansion of my business I began offering additional services under the brand red brand image (Aaron J. Monson). To find out more click on the Services page of this website. in 2019 I expended services again to include additional Film Production Services, Film Location Services, Film IT Services, and a new service line intended for Visual Animations, 3D Architecture, Physical Construction, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Interior Design, and architecture.

In 2017 I founded Crowd Atlas – Technology which is a subsidiary of The Aaron J. Monson Company and operates as an independent entity focused on the research and development of emerging technology. To learn more about this company please visit



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Film Production

Broadcast Commercial Advertisements

Below are many of the recognizable brands I’ve worked with in his professional film career. I have experience in many roles in the commercial film industry but he specializes in administrative roles such as Producer, Production Manager, and Production Coordinator.


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Interior and Exterior Mapping

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What does it do?

Centralize all the information about your home or business into a SINGLE LINK by embedding all your content into an interactive virtual tour. Increase engagement with 3D and Virtual Reality walk-through and use the data for 3D software manipulation.




How is it useful?

Standard websites, even with the best images, only show a small percentage of your home or business. If you are wishing to increase online traffic, retain online visitors, or encourage in-person visits. It’s now possible to engage online visitors with a fully immersive 3D or Virtual Reality tour of a property.  This can be useful for:

  • Real Estate
    • Marketing
    • Inspections (insurance & other)
    • Construction
    • Interior Design
    • Architecture
  • Commercial Film Production / Corporate Photography
    • Location Scouting
    • Resource Inventories
    • Insurance Records
    • Continuity Photos
    • Interior Cartography (Map Making)
  • Agriculture
    • Crop Monitoring
    • Property Inspection
    • Insurance Inspections
  • Software Development
    • Video Games
    • 3D Modeling
    • Video Effects
    • Virtual Reality
    • Augmented Reality

What does it cost?

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